Viewing the Islands from the Water

Everyone says the same thing, and it is quite accurate. If you really want to enjoy the Caribbean, do it from a charter,on the water, where the views are wonderful and the pleasure is all yours. There are many different kinds of charters – variety that will match you taste, interests and budget. The charters range from about $200 to up to $2000, depending on what you are getting.

The least expensive and the least flexible are the large group charters, where the boat carries up to 20 people, or 12, depending on their insurance.  These will take you to some nice spots, but the experience is about what you would expect for a group charter of anything.  They provide the snorkels and the fins, and normally stop along with way at one of the restaurants close to the water.

If you want to scuba dive, the costs go up significantly — $200 to $350 per person generally, and you will go with a licensed dive instructor if you are not yourself certified.  Again, they provide the equipment and the craft, crewed with one of two people, and there is greater flexibility where you go.

Of course, there are sail boat charters, with or without a captain, and there are larger yachts that can be taken out for days and even weeks, usually with a licensed captain and crew, unless you have a captains license and are experienced in the Virgin Islands. The constancy of the prevailing Easterlies in the Virgin Islands makes the area one of the best sailing areas in the world.

The most enjoyment, of course, comes when you charter a luxury craft for a day, with your own captain and mate, a gourmet lunch, and you choice of destinations.  We offer two craft, POSH and Ponchis, for just such occasions.  Both craft are 48’ Dyna Craft, with three cabins, two heads, and plenty of room for lounging in the up top, on the back, or in the main cabin.  When you charter these boats, they can carry up to six people, plus a licensed captain and a mate who are there to take you to the best snorkeling or diving spots in the US and British Virgin Islands.

For business associates or simply family enjoyment, there is simply no better way to see the Islands, the wonderful beaches, the underwater world of the sea, and the spectacular views.  The family of the Virgin Islands is one of the most beautiful tropical island groups anywhere in the world.  St. John, for example, is largely a national park, so much of the Island appears the way it must have appeared to the first voyagers who arrived at the Islands on Columbus’s second voyage of discovery.

These are pleasure boats.  They are not equipped for fishing, and if you want to go deep sea fishing for Marlin or Tuna, our experienced concierge, Angela St. Hilaire, will assist you to find the right charter for you.  The Puerto Rico Trench is only a few miles from St. Thomas, and the drop off is one of the best places for Marlin fishing anywhere.

Both yachts have dive platforms for scuba diving, however, and dinghy’s take can take you to the beach or to one of the BVI towns on Tortola.  Remember, however, to bring your Passport, which is a requirement for travel to the British Virgin Islands.

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